Keith Guzzetta

Hello to all from Long Island, NY. I have owned three jeeps since 2007 starting with a WK2. Later on I picked up a KK which is what really got me more involved in the Jeep community. I joined NBJC in June of 2019 and my love of Jeeps just grew from there. Currently I am the proud owner of “Quiet Riot,” a 2016 JKU Willys. It has been fun building her up and spending more time on the trails. I have had a blast attending all different Jeep meets and am always yearning for the next one. I am born and raised in Long Island with my wife Shari, and two kids, Thomas and Bella. Being part of NBJC has opened up so many new friendships and experiences. It has created unbeatable family adventures which are second to none. With the second act of my life beginning as a retired NYC Detective, I look forward to attending many more events that the past has prevented me from attending. I can’t wait to meet many of you as we continue to make NBJC grow.

Chuck Brett

Hello Jeepers my name is Chuck Brett. I have been a member of No Boundaries Jeep Crew since 2017. I was born and raised in Milledgeville Ga. As of about two weeks ago moved to Tallahassee Fl. I retired from the US Coast Guard and now work for a floor scrubber manufacturing company as a technician. Been a mechanic my whole life. I have been an avid Jeep nut since 1977 when my dad bought a 77 CJ5. I was hooked from that point on. I’ve had a number of Jeeps since. Currently I own a 2021 Jeep Wrangler 392 “Zeus”. I am married to Cathy Brett. NBJC brought us together. We have 4 grown children and two grand children. We have two pups Diesel (pit) and Bella (Frenchie). When we aren’t Jeeping we are spending as much time as possible together and with family.  Welcome to the group and thank you for stopping by and checking us out. We hope you join our family and we are looking forward to seeing you at future events. See you on the trail.

Cathy Brett

I have been a member of NBJC since 2018 & am one of the current admin.  I am part of this group because it is filled with all good people, has a family feeling within the group & there is no judgement/criticizing others or their jeeps (it is not tolerated). I have owned several jeeps including Grand Cherokees, Wranglers (Willys & Rubicon), & a Gladiator.  I currently own a Jeep Rubicon Wrangler 392 & absolutely will not give it up!  We have fun when we all meet up & love wheelin’.  Outside of the NBJC family, I am a travel ICU nurse that works nightshift & yes, I drive my Jeep to whatever state I will be working in.  Also, I met my husband (Chuck Brett) through this group.  We have four adult children & two grandchildren.  I am sometimes goofy & sometimes cranky but one thing that never changes, is my love for Jeeps!  Other things I enjoy include our two dogs (Bella – frenchie & Diesel – pitbull), music, dancing, beach time with my hubby, laughter, & just having a good time.  Welcome to anyone who joins NBJC & I hope everyone enjoys this group as much as I do!

Tracy Rosenau

I am a wife, a mom & a memae…Am also a fur mom to 8 dogs & 1 cat. My Jeep, Pearl R, was bought brand new in 2017 & immediately became my passion!  She has opened up a whole beautiful world for us. I have been on the NBJC Leadership Team for 3 years as a Moderator & am happy to have become an Administrator in 2022, as well as becoming Lead Administrator for the Texas Chapter. I love to go wheeling every chance I get & enjoy meeting new jeeple!! I look forward to seeing y’all on the trails soon!

Gary Kemp

I am a lifelong Washington State Resident (Never moved away, I do not know why). Birthday October 21st 1970. Married 30 years with 2 Daughters and 4 Grandkids. IBEW Local 191 Union Electrician / Politician (Republican), Rotarian, Musician, Woodworker, and Jeep Fanatic. Bought my first Jeep in 2011, a 2005 Tan Rubicon. Been a Jeep fanatic ever since. Bought my wife another jeep in 2018, a 2013 Maroon JKU. President of my Local Jeep Club and proud to be an Admin of No Boundaries Jeep Crew

Ray Mallari

Married with 3 kids. 1 being forever 12 ☹. Born in New York and transplanted from there to
Newport, RI and then to Atlantic Beach, Florida. Most of my life has been hanging on the beach, surfing and diving and loving JEEPS! I first fell in love with a Jeep while watching Mork and Mindy. That CJ-5 was the start of my obsession. Then of course came Daisy Dukes Jeep from the Dukes of Hazzard. Not sure If I was more obsessed with her CJ-7 Golden Eagle or her ��. I have had 3 jeeps through out the years, and have enjoyed every single one of them. I love attending Jeep events and have been a part of Jeep Beach, Jeepin’ with Judd, Sheriff’s Jeepfest in Jasper Georgia and now the Tennessee events at The Outdoors in the Smokies with NBJC. My Jeep is known as Minion Fett due to the yellow jeep and Fett for being a huge Boba Fett Fan. I belong to a few FB jeep clubs, but my main focus is NBJC. I am not part of any PAID jeep club, because in MY OPIONION, there are enough things you have to pay for and having fun with friends should not be one of them. My wife and I attended our first NBJC event in Tennessee and had a blast meeting everyone in the club. This was also my son’s first Jeep event with his own jeep and is thoroughly hooked. When I am not out with my tops down, I am out fishing on my boat, camping with the wife, hopefully back to SCUBA diving or coaching my swim team. I have been working in Children Mental’s Health for over 25 years and Jeepin’ is just one of my escapes from that part of my world. Tread Lightly and Catch you on the Flip Side.

Dean Burns

Hello fellow Jeepers!! My name is Dean, and Greetings from Atlanta, GA. Ever since owning my first Jeep, a ‘79 CJ7, and multiple since then, I have always since had love for Jeeps. I am currently the owner of “NIGHTMARE”, a 2021 JLU Sport. Built, not bought, I took it from the dealer straight to the shop and built it over the span of a year, to customize it to my vision. My love for Jeeps and off-road brought me here, and the love will always remain the same.  I am currently working in the film industry in Atlanta. My resume includes Marvels “WandaVision” and “Ms. Marvel”, among many others.  I am also a published photographer, which has taken me all over the world. Combining that with off-roading, I have been able to get some pretty cool footage with my Instagram profile, @nightmarejlu.  I look forward to meeting all of you at events and meetups, and helping to make No Boundaries a club for all of us to be proud of. 

Cheri Reynolds

Hi, I am Cheri Reynolds, I have been a part of NBJC for a few years now. I am a moderator for the main NBJC group and an Admin for the Texas Group of NBJC.   I am a mother of two children and a Nana of 7 grandkids. I had always wanted to own a Jeep Wrangler since I was in High school. I was finally able to buy my first Wrangler a little over two years ago. His name is Woody, and he is a 2011 Wrangler JK Unlimited Sport. When I purchased him, he was stock. The mods I have done are and not limited to, 3.5-inch lift, Fox shocks, JKS suspension, RGB headlights, RGB rock lights, EAG front bumper, Click windshield wiper blades, hood latches, Razor Maxxis 35-inch tires and Ballistic wheels, Aries running boards, fog lights, two sets of cube lights, and other small cosmetic upgrades. (Hand grips, stickers, decals, badges, foot pegs, mirrors, flagpole holder, hitch receiver cover, carbon fiber detailing). What’s next on the agenda for mods you ask? I am looking into winches, I have EAG inner fenders to add, EAG rear bumper to come soon and I am sure plenty more when I see something I like.  NBJC has been a wonderful Family and I have really enjoyed running the trails and learning from everyone in our group. 

Rance Johnson

Hello from Clinton NC.  I’m a US Air Force Veteran (C-141), IT Executive and Grandfather of the cutest 4-month old grandson in the world.  I’ve had 6 Jeeps starting with a 1968 CJ-5 and currently have a Gladiator Rubicon.  I’m also an avid motorcyclist currently riding a 2022 Indian Chieftain. I’ve been a member of NBJC since nearly the beginning 5 years ago.  I also have a YouTube channel focusing on Jeeping, Motorcycling and restoring old houses.

Tracey Moss

Hello Jeepers! My name is Tracey and I’m a moderator for No Boundaries Jeep Crew and Admin of No Boundaries Northeast chapter. I live in NH with my husband, John, and our 2 wooly huskies, Moki and Denali. We have 7 children between us, all mostly grown now, the youngest is a senior in high school and we have 4 in college. I’ve been a legal secretary, a chauffeur, a school bus driver, a cocktail waitress, and several other things. Never really settled on a ‘career’, but if I could make a career out of Jeeping, I probably would! 🙂 My first experience with Jeeps was back in the 90’s when I was in college. My friend had a 5 speed manual Wrangler. She went on vacation and let me use the Jeep for the week. I knew then that one day, I would have one. Fast forward about 30 years, and John bought me my 2013 silver Wrangler JKU Sahara for my birthday in 2020. I had no idea that there was a whole lifestyle built around Jeeps and jeeping. I learned fast and was hooked. I found No Boundaries simply by doing a Facebook search. I decided that I wanted to be part of that life. We put a lift, big tires, steel bumpers, off road lights, and several other mods on Sybil and our first big off-road adventure was with No Boundaries at Outdoors in the Smokies Crawling for Freedom event in 2021. We had so much fun, met some amazing people, and outside of my family and children, jeep life is where I find my peace and happiness. Welcome to No Boundaries Jeep Crew!!